Who we are​​

 Jose Suarez, grandfather of our CEO/President/Founder, J. “Scott” Suarez, introduced his children to the construction industry.  Every summer, they spent time learning the “tricks of the trade” and the importance of quality craftsmanship, dedication, and ethics.  Scott’s father, Frank, the 54th contractor to be licensed in the State of Florida, and his uncles spent a great deal of time overseeing the business and rectifying any problems that arose. Following their success, they, in turn, passed this tradition to their sons.  Today, these traditions, begun by Jose Suarez, are still evident in the successes of is grand-children’s companies - Suarez Housing and JSS Property Professionals, Inc.  

Our reputation and pride in producing a quality job has given JSS Property Professionals, Inc., an edge in securing many coveted projects in Pinellas County and the surrounding Tampa Bay area.  Referrals, from both commercial and residential clients, keep us busy, growing from a one-man operation, into an over 50+ employees, multi-million dollar enterprise, securing over 50% of all bid contracts. JSS Property Professionals, Inc., was founded in 1986 and Incorporated in 1996 by J. “Scott” Suarez and his wife Rhonda Suarez.

JSS Property Professionals, Inc., is constantly raising the bar for standards within the construction industry.  Our employees are continually attending education and training sessions on the methods of concrete work, renovation and restoration, and general contractor needs, getting certified in troubleshooting concrete, in the membrane method of application, ensuring the longevity and life of a project.

Jose and Frank Suarez would be proud of the development of JSS Property Professionals, Inc..